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Full Moon Ritual and Podcast Update

I have so many new podcast that you can check out here. I also have a Full moon Ritual that you can purchase. Please check out that podcast because there is a lot of info in the audio.

*Podcast Alert* Election

Last night I predicted a standstill and that no one will win. In the audio, it cuts out between appx 2mins to 2mins 34secs for some weird reason. You can find the podcast here link.

*Podcast Alert*

Hey!! My life been busy lately so promoting and updating has taken a hit. I’m also going through a spiritual change and awakening yet again! Lol. This year been crazy and I been evolving rapidly. If you can help me promote please do. You can find my Podcast here. Tons of new episodes. Follow meContinue reading “*Podcast Alert*”

*Podcast Alert*

You can find it here. My thoughts on the beef. I also added commentary and energy read.

*Podcast Alert*

I have a few new podcast uploaded you can check out here. I’m healing and processing during this Mercury Retrograde, so I am slowing down, but I will come back stronger, wiser, and happier. Thanks for your support 🥰

*Podcast Alert*

I have a lot of new episodes to enjoy. Click the link.


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